Create a Jewish Legacy

Create a Jewish Legacy

What will you pass down to future generations?

A life-changing moment — on the steps of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Children's Memorial, American and Israeli Defense Force (Mifgash) participants pause to reflect on the experience the museum has given them. Many did not know how directly the Holocaust affected them and those they love. Because they were born after the creation of the modern state of Israel and did not suffer the fate of Jews in Europe between 1933 and 1945, they can choose their future, realize their hopes and dreams. Birthright Israel exists to make that connection.


A gift that costs you nothing while you live.
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Creating your own Jewish legacy ensures that the values and organizations you hold dear will continue when you are no longer here. It also serves as an inspiring example to your loved ones, demonstrating your belief in the importance of Jewish community. The act of leaving a legacy to Birthright Israel Foundation or through your local Jewish federation in support of the Birthright Israel program empowers you to complete the work of your heart while supporting organizations that are important to you.

Our People, Our Future!

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations. Chances are you already donate generously to the Birthright Israel Foundation and your local Jewish charities and organizations. But have you considered including these organizations in your will, so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come? What could be more meaningful to the Jewish tradition than building a foundation for its robust and enduring future by making a planned gift to the Birthright Israel Foundation?

The bonds of Am Yisrael (Jewish Peoplehood) link us and define us, as they have through the continuum of history. They call us not only to nourish our culture and honor our heritage, but to ensure a vibrant Jewish future. Never before has this challenge been so important. Sustaining these bonds of Peoplehood is the work of the Birthright Israel Foundation with the support of communities across North America.

Your planned gift to the Birthright Israel Foundation says "Yes" to the Jewish future.

How can you create a Jewish legacy, save and possibly even earn?

A legacy gift is your way to leave financial resources to insure the future sustainability of Birthright Israel Foundation's vitally important work, from generation to generation. Your legacy can be structured to fit your lifestyle, goals, family and financial needs. A planned gift can possibly:

  • Provide income for your lifetime, or for a period of years
  • Lower or eliminate capital gains on contributions of appreciated assets
  • Generate substantial federal income tax deductions
  • Reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes
  • Complement retirement planning
  • Work to your advantage in family business planning
  • Enable donors to maximize their support of Birthright Israel
  • Enable you to support both Birthright Israel and your local Jewish community simultaneously.

The importance and impact of your legacy gift will be most clearly felt once you are gone. However, you may experience tax advantages in your lifetime, and your estate and heirs may benefit from additional tax savings.

Gifts Anyone Can Make benefit you and your loved ones, while leaving unchanged your current financial situation.

Gifts That Pay You Income are just that, and we are happy to explore them with you.

We can also work together to create Gifts That Protect Your Assets and Gifts That Are Cost-Free During Lifetime.

How do I begin?

A Planned Giving and Endowment professional at Birthright Israel Foundation or at your local Jewish federation would be pleased to provide information and guidance in planning a legacy gift that fulfills your goals and is consistent with your other estate plans. Federation is a trusted local institution with a long history of building Jewish community, supporting Israel, and sustaining local agencies that provide a multitude of essential services and activities. By creating a legacy gift for Birthright Israel Foundation directly, or through your local Jewish federation, you will be providing opportunities for future generations of young adults in your community and across North America to experience the transformational power of the Birthright Israel experience.

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Every inquiry is confidential. Together we can explore how planned giving works best for you, and we can help you identify your goals.

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To assure that your planned giving strategy fits your specific needs and goals, we recommend that you seek the advice of qualified professional.

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